Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day One of Dating and Courtship!!

Lindsey, Kaylee, Holly and I signed up for an institute class this semester!! It's every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm and it's the Dating and Courtship class. No, we didn't take this so we all could learn how to get married right away or anything like that, it just sounded like a good, fun class to take! So we went for our first time last night, and let me tell you; It was so amazing!! Our teacher, Bro. Robley, was making the whole class crack up the entire time, and the Spirit was so so strong. I really wish I had taken a notebook to write everything down, but I will for sure next time! He suggested we buy the manual for the class which is "Eternal Marriage" and I'm so glad we did. Here are a few of the things that stuck out to me while I was reading in the "Knowledge of Spiritual Things" section [p.148] this morning:

"You must...see that... searching the scriptures is not a burden laid upon [us] by the Lord, but a marvelous blessing and opportunity" -President Ezra Taft Benson

"The greatest achievement mankind can make in this world is to familiarize themselves with divine truth, so thoroughly, so perfectly, that the example or conduct of no creature living in the world can ever turn them away from the knowledge that they have obtained..." -President Joseph F. Smith

"Humility is essential to the acquiring of spiritual knowledge. To be humble is to be teachable."

"Now the Lord would give us gifts. He will quicken our minds. He will give us...a knowledge that will be so deeply rooted in our souls that [it] can never be rooted out, if we will just seek for the light... and the understanding which is promised to us, and which we can receive if we will only be true and faithful to every covenant and obligation pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ" -Joseph Fielding Smith

"Profound spiritual truth cannot simply be poured from one mind and heart to another. It takes faith and diligent effort. Precious truth comes a small piece at a time through faith, with great exertion, and at times wrenching struggles."

and lastly.. "I testify that you can receive inspired help. Humbly ask your Eternal Father. Seek divine light. Exercise faith in the Savior. Strive to hearken to His counsel and obey His commandments. He will bless and lead you as you move through this sometimes treacherous world." -Spencer W. Kimball

Brother Robley was talking about Faith, and how it's more of a process than a principle.. He showed us a table like this with four of the stages of Faith:

We have to continually exercise our faith in order for it to grow, and we need to study the gospel principles and PRAY! When we don't know what to pray for, refer to Romans 8:26 and D&C 46:30.

Bro. Robley also said "When you're doing good things, good things happen." and how true is that? I love that quote!!

Institute is amazing. Why did I wait until now to start going?! CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT WEDNESDAY!